Piaget’s Theory of Disequilibrium

Jean Piaget

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Piaget’s theory, creates a state of disequilibrium, or an imbalance between what is understood and what is encountered. People naturally try to reduce such imbalances by using the stimuli that cause the disequilibrium and developing new schemes or adapting old ones until equilibrium is restored. This process of restoring balance is called equilibration. According to Piaget, learning depends on this process. When equilibrium is upset, we have the opportunity to grow and develop.


For most of us, travel is sure to create disequilibrium and with it the opportunity to learn about the world around us, each other and ourselves. During the 12 months that we plan to travel and explore countries and cultures other than the middle class, Western one we have lived the past 40 odd years in, we will face challenges that we cannot even begin to imagine. Disequilibrium is guaranteed! In keeping with Piaget’s theory; will we  be able to accommodate and assimilate to the situations we encounter as we travel, and learn to successfully adapt in order to create equilibrium?

We will keep you posted……………..

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5 thoughts on “Piaget’s Theory of Disequilibrium

  1. James Martin

    Your Aunt and Uncle are on board to follow you two with your very unique year of travelling….Wonderful idea to set up this blog….so we can follow you and keep a keen eye on your experiences in a foreign land…..Love to you both..and thank you Dawn for sending us the link….love, Uncle Jim and Aunt Darlene xoxo

    • George and Patti

      Great to see you here. It has been, and will continue to be an amazing experience. Pass the link onto Jim and Jeff as well.

      • James Martin

        Cool to here from you two…..will be so much fun following your travels and experiences..will pass your link to Jim and Jeff for sure….hope you get to share some pictures soon….you’ll get the hang of this site very quickly I’m sure…..enjoy your new reality..!!…proud of you both.!!

  2. Happy Travels you two. Look forward to following your adventures this year.-Lesley and Gerald

    • George and Patti

      thanks guys. good to see you made it to our blog. it will be a work in progress but we will figure it out in time

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